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This 5+ year partnership started when Julie and I reconnected with The City Mission during their 100th year anniversary.  Simply amazing!  100 years of serving the homeless and less fortunate of Cleveland.  When I was a child, I remember my parents taking us to the mission to help serve meals as the homeless men came in off the streets looking for a hot bite to eat and a kind word.  As a kid, I was a bit scared, but also came away from those days with a sense that I did something that mattered.  Something of lasting importance.  Helping people in need get back on their feet was engrained into my life at an early age and its stuck with me ever since. 

For a time, I fell out of contact with the mission.  I was nearly always involved in some type of ministry activity and after a move about an hour southwest of our previous home, we started looking for a place where we could utilize the talents we had developed as photographers and cinematographers to help tell the story of organizations that were helping to change people’s lives.

Out of the blue, one day I sent an email to the City Mission to hopefully reconnect and see if they had any immediate needs developing photography or video content.  We were invited in for a tour of the current facilities and were immediately blown away by the breadth of services the mission was now providing on a daily basis.  They were also in the midst of celebrating their 100th Anniversary and we were given the opportunity of creating the opening video content of their celebration gala.  The rest is history.

Early on, we were able to see that the mission offered so much more than a traditional “soup kitchen”, and yet nobody seemed to know.  Over the past 4+ years, we have continued to work with the amazing mission staff to produce photographic content for their newsletters and direct mail pieces along with cinematic storytelling videos to showcase the many different ways they are helping restore the people of Cleveland to healthy, happy, productive members of our city with a true sense of self-worth and faith in God.

To this day, we are assisting in generating new content to continue to spread the word about how the mission is impacting the Cleveland area.  If you don’t know what the mission does, we encourage everyone to find out first hand and see how you can become a part of changing hearts and lives right here in our own city.

In the process of producing an ongoing series of individual stories that are being used for new media direct fundraising (cultivation and acquisition) efforts.  Producing social and web landing page content.  Photography and storytelling video.

The City Mission – Addressing the changing needs of homelessness

The City Mission’s unique Pathways Program

The true story about Walter coming in out of the cold and having his life totally transformed.

Following are just some of the videos from an ongoing “comeback” series.

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