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When Julie and I first met with Alex, it was immediately evident that he had a unique story to tell.  Leaving a good paying job to follow your dream of starting a furniture design and fabrication company is a huge step for anyone – but leaving your father’s company where you are running the corporation would be an even greater leap (or a disaster…).   There was no doubt that we wanted to help Alex tell his story in a unique and visual way.

During our initial meetings, we brainstormed concepts on how to visually represent the two sides of his company.  One one hand you have the rough, hard working tradesman who can build anything, and on the other you have the artist who loves to design and create.  The “Hans Noble” name was based on these two distinct characters.

After additional discussions and a tour of Alex’s workshop studio and the rustic barn where he finds many of his reclaimed pieces, we settled on combining natural elements with harder industrial images to give the feeling of hard and soft that Alex wanted his customers to experience.  We wanted to put Alex both into a beautiful natural setting along side his harder edged studio that features a seemingly endless number of heavy machines that bend, cut and break metal into his final creations.  We also wanted to incorporate his love of vintage BMW motorcycles so we planned some additional imagery of Alex on his bike riding to work.

Over the span of about two weeks, we shot most of the material needed for the project.  Gorgeous weather was an oddity this year, but we had nearly perfect days.  Once all of the images and interviews were completed, the editing process started in earnest.  The toughest decisions were to leave so much beautiful footage unused to hit our target 4 minute time.  We encourage you to watch the final product below which Alex will be using to launch a new custom line of furniture pieces later this year.  We can’t wait to see what the future holds for his incredible talent and wish him all the best!

By the way – our favorite moment?  Check out the title sequence at about 2:06 in the finished piece – notice the birds flying in the opposite direction as Alex walks across the beach below.  It was a total fluke but a perfect addition to the edit.

We encourage you to visit Alex’s website at www.hansnobledesign.com.

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