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Update 8/18/17. Its my privilege to share the long-form edit of Jay Cleveland’s story.  Please watch it.  God is doing amazing things every day in our midst.  Jay’s story is clear evidence that Jesus is making a difference in lives.

Jay Cleveland

Update 8/14/17. Incredibly busy summer.  The team just finished a capital campaign video for Hope Gospel Mission in Wisconsin, we’re heading to Naples Florida to work with St. Matthews House again next week, and we’re finalizing our project for Engage the Mission and Nashville Rescue Mission that tells the very unique transformation story of Jay Cleveland.  Can’t wait to share it with you.

Hope Gospel Mission Capital Campaign

Update 5/18/17. We’re continuing to develop storytelling videos for The City Mission.  This one features Ray who is the lead story in their May newsletter.  This piece will be used on social media, in their digital newsletter and on their website.  Watch the video for his incredible story.

The City Mission Raymond Video

Update 4/9/17.   A number of projects are currently in pre-production or filming.  Below are some stills for a storytelling project currently filming featuring Jay who came through Nashville Rescue Mission’s men’s program and has gone on to graduate college, start a family and work in management at a non-profit.  What he had to overcome was unbelievable – and yet God pursued him through it all.

Update 12/30/16.   Had an amazing time working with St. Matthews House in Naples, Florida.  What a unique and inspiring mission.  You can clearly see God’s hand at work as lives are being changed on a daily basis.  We are producing the full length version you’ll see below, a shorter internet friendly version and 5 short 1 minute pieces to showcase each of their areas of ministry.

St. Matthews House Full Length Edit

Update 10/17/16.   Individual storytelling pieces are hot.  Here’s another example just released today.

Tauri's Story

Update 8/19/16.   Here are two individual story videos that have launched recently with the express purpose of telling individual stories and raising funds.

Refuge of Hope
Waterfront Rescue Mission

Update 7/15/16.   Crazy summer!  Finalizing a number of edits and delivered the Stark County Hunger Task Force video which helped them raise $24,000 in a week!   We love being a part of great organizations like SCHTF.

Update 5/23/16.   In the midst of multiple shoots.  Really excited to be working with the Stark County Hunger Task Force.  We’re producing a new 3 minute video to help them tell new and existing donors all the great things that they do.  Nearly 28,000 people receive food each month from a network of over 30 pantries because of the great work SCHTF does.  Interview locations?  Check out the Polaroid shots below.  What a cool spot to shoot.

Processed with VSCO with e8 preset

Update 4/19/16.   Extremely busy with new projects.  We just finished up the long-form edit for Refuge of Hope.  This amazing ministry is impacting the greater Canton area in so many ways.  Watch the video to get a feel for their heart and ministry.   They had over 10,000 views, 228 shares and 115 likes on Facebook alone.

Refuge of Hope

Update 3/15/16.   We’re excited to share one of our latest video projects and the first installment in our website design services.  Wendy Kromer is a contributing editor for Martha Stewart Weddings and an amazing talent with an even more amazing story.  We encourage you to watch the video below.  Much of the content was shot in 4K with stills being pulled to make for great background images for her new website design which you can view at    

Wendy Kromer

Update 3/13/16.  Crazy busy.  Just delivered the Wendy Kromer story video and website redesign.  Delivered the Waterfront Rescue Mission intro video and their first storytelling piece.  Last week, we spent two days shooting with Refuge of Hope – a wonderfully unique rescue mission here in Ohio and came away with great content for their upcoming identity video.  Plus, we created a couple of fun Instagram pieces for Hans Noble Design – the first of many for their social media marketing campaign.  Keep watching this site as we showcase these recent edits and more.   

Hans Noble Instagram Promo
Hans Noble Instagram Promo

Update 2/29/16.  Its been an amazing few weeks as we work on finalizing Wendy Kromer’s unique storytelling video and her new website.  At the same time, we just spent the last week in Florida working with Waterfront Rescue Mission on a group of new short form videos.  Below are some stills from the shoot.  We can’t thank the staff at Waterfront enough for their kind hospitality and help during our time there.  Thanks Angie, Devin and Kathey plus all the guests we had the privilege to interview.  We love to see God’s transforming power in people’s lives!

Update 1/29/16.  Some stills from the first 2 days of shooting with Wendy Kromer.  Its amazing to watch a master of her craft at work.  How often do you actually get to film right beside one of the finest artists in the world.  We’re also loving working with the new Canon C300 Mark II.  It truly is an amazing piece of equipment.  Beautiful 4k resolution allows us to pull full print res stills and C-log2 gives us incredible exposure latitude.  What a great tool!

Update 1/19/16.  Finishing prep work for a cinematic video/website design/rebrand for Wendy Kromer.  Wendy is a contributing editor for Martha Stewart Weddings and has a unique story starting in Sandusky Ohio leading her to the runways of Paris and Tokyo as a fashion model, to New York City mastering the art of cake design and now back to Sandusky as one of the country’s premier cake designers and international teaching specialists.  This is going to be an amazing project that begins shooting next week here in Ohio and then on to New York City.  Keep checking back for early images and info.


Update 12/16/15.  We’re pleased to be able to share our two recent rescue mission projects with you.  We’re now working on additional versions and promo pieces utilizing the extensive footage we’ve shot for both projects.  Keep checking back for more updates and for case studies on how these projects came to life.

Cherry Street Life Revitalization Center
The City Mission Today

Update 11/10/15. Edits are delivered for both our rescue mission projects.  We’ll release final edits as soon as our clients finish their review process and release the projects to the public.  Final filming is underway for our current commercial project.  Below are some images from a shoot on Sunday in Barnesville, Ohio.  Special thanks to the team that provided the location scouting and release forms for the properties we filmed. 

Update 10/20/15.  Filming is well underway for a new commercial project.  Can’t share full details, but the imagery is extremely cool.  We’re also in the middle of finishing edits for our 2 rescue mission multi-month projects.  It’s exciting to see these projects come together after months of shooting.

Update 9/29/15.  We’ve been filming and traveling extensively for the last several weeks in areas that included Maine and London.  We have an exciting new project that we’ll be sharing with you in the coming months.  We’ve also got our final Cherry Street shoot this week and have started the edit process on the latest City Mission project.  Next week, we’ll begin filming for a new commercial project with a very hand-crafted feel.  Its going to be amazing.

Update 8/26/15.  One of our final shoots for the Cherry Street project.  We’re telling the visual narrative of the abyss that CEO Dan Rogers developed.  Thanks to Callie for being such a great sport and for walking so far…

Update 8/17/15.  Further progress on The City Mission’s new identity piece.  Many people think of the mission as a soup kitchen.  Although its core services have remained for over 100 years, so many new services have been added even in the last 5 years.  We’re loving this unique opportunity to tell the Mission’s story as they help restore men, women and children to a place of health and stability so they can thrive, not just exist.

Update 8/11/15.  Perfect weather early this morning after storms rolled through last night for a time-lapse to use in our Cherry Street narrative.  We’ll be shooting at the City Mission in Cleveland tomorrow for a super cool walk-through concept.  More coming next week.

Update 7/27/15.  Just completed a location scout for an upcoming shoot for Cherry Street.  This is going to add a striking visual element to their production.  We’re looking forward to the actual shoot date in August.

Update 7/26/15.  We’re making great progress on a new identity piece for The City Mission.  There are so many exciting things that the Mission is doing that nobody knows about.  We spent the morning shooting at a home project that is a collaboration between Renew Communities Church, the City Mission and a number of different organizations within Cleveland all coming together to provide affordable housing for a City Mission guest.  Its unique to see so many people volunteering to make this project happen.  More to come!

Update 7/21/15.  Just finished a two day shoot at Cherry Street.  We had the opportunity to interview some of the most interesting and powerful individuals we’ve met.  We’ll be sharing more in the finished video, but Julie and I had an amazing time.  We also were able to shoot extensive b-roll of the Life Revitalization Center as volunteers and tradesmen are working feverishly to get the first phase of the building up and running for fall vocational classes.  More stories to come…

Were currently in the middle of two extended projects.   We’ll be sharing stills and ongoing updates from both, but since we’re already shooting for the first, we’ll be bringing you along for the ride.  Check back often for updates!

First up is a completely unique story coming out of Toledo.  Cherry Street Mission has been helping the poor and less fortunate in and around Toledo since 1947.  During that time, they’ve provided for basic needs including shelter and food.

Now, Dan Rogers, the current president of Cherry Street, has a God led vision of going further in reducing poverty and homelessness.  To that end, in 2013, Cherry Street purchased the former Macomber High School, a massive building in downtown Toledo.   The goal – provide top quality vocational/job skills training that will help those who come to Cherry Street re-integrate into society while restoring a sense of self worth.

This is not your father’s rescue mission so to speak.  Cherry Street is right in the middle of renovating the building into the Life Revitalization Center.  The first vocational training services are launching in August and will be available both to Cherry Street residents and others in the Toledo community.  Our job?  Share this amazing story!

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