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Julie and I met Dan Rogers for the first time at a conference in Florida.  Sitting across the dinner table, we immediately hit it off as we talked about rescue and international missions.  Dan is a visionary with a deep heart for God and for people.

After arriving back in northern Ohio, we followed up with Dan’s staff and set up a preliminary meeting to discuss Cherry Street’s unique Life Revitalization Center project and the need to better tell the story of what they were on a journey to accomplish.  This was no small undertaking.   They were basically working to revitalize the entire downtown Toledo area.  The project started with the purchase of a 220,000+ sq ft building that was being completely renovated to provide job skills training utilizing third party partners.  This building is becoming a vital bridge between people who have completed the Cherry Street programming but have no way to return “home”.   No way to support and care for themselves.  It is also to become a central training facility for everyone in Toledo seeking a better life.  A lift out of poverty.  A new chapter where they can provide for themselves.

Nothing like this has been tried before.   The vision is massive and we enjoyed the 5 month process of working together with Cherry Street staff and guests as we put together an identity video for the Life Revitalization Center.  We encourage you to watch and see what God is doing in the city of Toledo.  This very well may become the model for rescue missions across the US.  We are so privileged to be a part of the ongoing Cherry Street story and look forward to working closely together with Dan and his staff through 2016.

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